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Throughout 2019, Lumico has produced a large variety of videos for numerous clients. Daniel Malherbe, director of Lumico, has enlisted a team of professional videographers who are adept at executing the pre-and post production of videos, as well as the videography thereof, no matter the demand. Lumico’s incredibly wide clientele, ranging from lifestyle to agriculture, makes them prepared to handle any type of video shoot creatively and uniquely.

Below, you’ll find a few videos Lumico has worked on in 2019 followed by a short description of the type of video production.


Corporate videos help your business stand out to your ideal audience. Lumico creates professional corporate videos that communicate your unique value and position to your market. A valuable type of video that clearly communicates what your business has to offer.


Highlights videos encapsulate the essence of a specific event. Lumico specializes in creating highlights videos for important corporate functions or special events. These videos give the audience insight into these events and motivates them to attend future events.


A hype video or hype reel is a fast-paced video that gets the audience excited about what they’re watching. Lumico creates short, sharp and effective hype videos for various events to generate interest on social media.


Informative videos provide useful or interesting information to the audience. Lumico creates weekly informative videos for BKB‘s wool auctions, relaying the information in a manner that is quick and easy to digest.


Lifestyle videos exemplify the ‘lifestyle’ and aesthetic behind a business’s product or service. Lumico created a lifestyle video for their client, Stellar Winery, in order to appeal to the niche demographic using beautiful visuals and action shots to paint a picture of adventure.


Product or promotional videos effectlively demonstrate a product or service to customers and prospects. Lumico has created a number of product videos for clients that take a storytelling approach in order to make the sales aspect less overt.


Storytelling videos help businesses to connect with their audiences on a more personal level. This personal connection can set you apart from the competition. Lumico creates compelling storytelling videos in order to attract and engage with a business’s ideal customer.


Testimonial videos showcase the story of satisfied customers. Lumico has created a number of testimonial videos for clients, interviewing them as they share their stories and experiences about using a particular product or service in their own words.