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To encourage the mass adoption of cryptocurrency, consumers need a storage system that is convenient, easy to understand, and highly secure. The challenge was presenting a highly technical, niche concept in a way that would be widely understood. Vaultavo approached Lumico for a complete brand conceptualisation, from developing a new corporate identity, redesigning their website, and creating easy marketing material with broad appeal.

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To start, Lumico conceptualised and executed a full corporate visual identity. A new logo was created, combining the oval shape of a fingerprint, and a lock, to recall the security that the Vaultavo system offers. Simplistic, smooth lines added to an overall minimalist and futuristic look.

The CI was then built out into a choice of fonts and colour palettes that aligned with the brand’s identity, and that would appeal to their ideal target market. Navy was selected as the primary colour, for its sense of sophistication, highlighted by accents of burnt orange and sky blue.

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The second phase of the project included a new website. A website wireframe was first created by the Lumico design team, built around the ideal user experience. The main focus of the site was the innovative new card that would allow consumers to safely store and easily use their cryptocurrency. New website copy was also created to make their messaging easy to consume, even for those not versed in cryptocurrency.

Finally, the team created a fully animated video that can be used to launch the new Vaultavo Card and educate people on its revolutionary appeal. The challenge was to take a difficult concept and present it in a way that was easy enough to understand for a crypto novice. Through this, we could help bring Vaultavo and cryptocurrency to the masses.

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