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The team at Yara are currently building a video and photo library to showcase their different product offering and the positive impact they have on farmers in South Africa. We were tasked with capturing photos and video footage of apples, nectarines and table grapes in a visually appealing way that aligned with their brand identity.

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Excited to take on the challenge, and with a fair amount of freedom, we decided on a testimonial approach for Yara. With this, the biggest challenge was understanding the new farming industry. Videographers needed to understand the most important parts of the industry in order to capture what was necessary and ask the interviewees questions that would add the most value to the final product.

Really knowing the client and the benefits they provide to the farming industry, both economically and emotionally, was the first step in crafting a good story.

As with any filming project, time management was essential. We had to shoot three videos on the day. This meant that time had to be allocated carefully to ensure that enough footage was collected to create a stellar final product.

We shot on location at three farms in the Ceres and Trawal regions to capture photo and video footage. With this, three testimonial videos were built in which farmers explain the successes that they have achieved on their farms since introducing Yara products and the expert advice they received from their agents.

This approach allowed us to hero the products without hard-selling them. This adds an authentic feel to the brand, cultivating a feeling of trust.

Our overall vision for the videos was achieved by aligning what was discussed in the interview with what was captured visually. It was strengthened by an ongoing conversation between the videographer and the client to ensure all bases were covered. With this, the videographer could better communicate to the editor to ensure the end goal was achieved successfully.

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