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What We Do in Video Production


We pride ourselves in providing our clients with exquisite video creation and imagery that gets across the brand message and voice. We have ongoing collaboration with our clients throughout the planning, process, and execution, with weekly production meetings (trust us, they’re worth it). We work at it all, together!

Competitive advantage

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Video creation is one of the biggest unique selling points of our agency. We do everything in-house, from the team on shoot day to the editors. Our company composition makes us cost-competitive, with in-house scriptwriters, pre-production teams, videographer, directors, and post-production editors, we can manage cost and timelines. Not only is this valuable for the client but also for us, as we can work efficiently, minimising miscommunications by doing it as one agency team. We can also send your work to TV stations and edit for digital channels.

What Video We Create

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We are so proud of our video creation (yes, we give ourselves a pat on the back), that we work it into all our client retainers. We end up producing a large volume of videos, so it is our major focus at Lumico. Another pat on the back is our diversity of the media we produce from recent VR experiences to shooting and editing a 360-degree video environment. Yes, wowzers. We’re stoked too! Besides this cool stuff, we can also do animation, graphics, stop-motion, or whatever else is needed.

The Finished Product

As a video production agency, we use video-creation and -production to get your digital video advertising to shine bright. We follow a strict process to ensure this runs smoothly: Briefing, conceptualising, positioning, scripting, storyboarding, pre-production (and pre-pre-production), shooting, and post-production, then sharing the finished products with the stations. We use our team as the central point for the whole process – managing everything at every step of the way. We have the people-power to make the magic happen.

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How Our Process Works:

1. Brief:

Where you tell us what you are looking for, for example, launching a new product.

2. Concept and positioning:

We look at competitors’ visuals and pitch you a story.

3. Script and storyboard:

Where the creative magic happens (don’t worry, we run this by you!).

4. Pre-Production:

This involves viewing and choosing locations, taking photos, booking everything like said locations, finding actors, conducting site visits, doing wardrobe and fittings, finding you the perfect voice-over artist, sourcing props, doing a dummy read with the actor, and worrying about admin and logistics.

5. The shoot:

Everyone from our team is there on the day and even the client is at the shoot, where they can watch on a monitor to pre-approve. They are “on-set” but not in the fussy action. We also feed you (thank goodness for that) throughout with catering like the local fancy bagels.

6. Post-Production:

Where more of the magic happens, like editing and finishing touches. We will loop you in too! We then send this final-final-final.mp4 to the station or platform to air. Woohoo!

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